HMRC calculators and tools

HMRC calculators and tools

A list of HMRC calculators and tools to help you work out your tax.

Income Tax

Tool What it does
Estimate your Income Tax for a previous tax year Use this service to estimate how much Income Tax you should have paid for a previous tax year
Estimate your Income Tax for the current year Use this service to estimate how much Income Tax and National Insurance you should pay for the current tax year (6 April 2017 to 5 April 2018)

National Insurance

Tool What it does
National Insurance refund Apply for a refund on your National Insurance contributions
Director’s National Insurance contributions calculator Check a company director’s National Insurance contributions
National Insurance contributions calculator Calculate your employee’s National Insurance contributions

Self employed

Tool What it does
Self-employed ready reckoner A tool to help you budget for your first Self Assessment tax bill if you’re self-employed

Self Assessment

Tool What it does
Lloyd’s calculator Work out adjustments under section 107 Finance Act 2000 when filing your Self Assessment tax return


Tool What it does
Calculate your leave and pay when you have a child Find out if you can get maternity, paternity or shared parental leave – for employees
PAYE payroll calculator Check your payroll calculations
National Insurance payroll calculator Check your National Insurance payroll calculations
Basic PAYE tools Tools to help you run your payroll
PAYE CHAPS Request form for PAYE CHAPS transfer
Company car calculator Calculate the company car tax charge based on a car’s taxable value and CO2 rating
Statutory Sick Pay calculator Work out your employee’s Statutory Sick Pay
Maternity and paternity calculator Work out your employee’s maternity or paternity pay and leave
PAYE Desktop Viewer View your employee tax codes and notices
Stop PAYE payment booklet form Stop receiving a PAYE payment booklet
Order P45s and P60s Get P45s and P60s for your employees if you can’t produce these using your payroll software
PAYE/National Insurance contributions current year reference checker Check your PAYE/National Insurance contributions reference for the current year
PAYE/National Insurance contributions previous year reference checker Check your PAYE/National Insurance contributions reference for the previous year
Class 1A National Insurance contributions reference checker Check your Class 1A National Insurance contributions reference

Employment status

Tool What it does
Check employment status for tax Check the employment status of a worker for a specific engagement

Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT)

Tool What it does
SDLT calculator Work out how much SDLT you need to pay when buying or transferring land or property
SDLT CHAPSrequest Request to pay SDLT by CHAPS

Capital Gains Tax

Tool What it does
Non-resident Capital Gains Tax Calculate your non-resident Capital Gains Tax
Capital Gains Tax shares calculator Calculate your Capital Gains Tax on the sale of shares
Capital Gains Tax property calculator Calculate your Capital Gains Tax on the sale of property


Tool What it does
Guaranteed Minimum Pension (GMP) checker Use this service to request GMP calculations
Pension savings annual allowance calculators Work out if you can top up your annual tax-free pension allowance
Pension schemes annual allowance checking tool Check if you need to pay a tax charge on your pension savings
Pension input amount calculator Pension input amount calculator
Pension annual allowance tool Check your pension annual allowance

Child Benefit and Child Trust Fund

Tool What it does
Child Benefit tax calculator Check if you need to pay the High Income Child Benefit Tax Charge
Child Trust Fund locator Work out where your Child Trust Fund is held


Tool What it does
Check what help you could get with childcare costs Find out how much you could get towards approved childcare

Tax credits

Tool What it does
Get a tax credits claim form Find out if you qualify for tax credits
Tax credits calculator Estimate of how much in tax credits you could get in total
Tax credits: working out your childcare costs tool Calculate your childcare costs for claiming tax credits


Tool What it does
VAT payment deadline calculator Work out the VAT payment deadline for your accounting period
EU VAT number validation Check a VAT number from any EU country to help you complete an EC Sales List
VAT CHAPS request Request to pay VAT by CHAPS

Corporation Tax

Tool What it does
No Corporation Tax due Tell HMRC you have no Corporation Tax due
Corporation Tax via CHAPS(Cumbernauld) Request to pay Corporation Tax by CHAPS to HMRCCumbernauld
Corporation Tax via CHAPS (Shipley) Request to pay Corporation Tax by CHAPS to HMRC Shipley

Inheritance Tax and bereavement

Tool What it does
Bereavement guide Find out what to do when dealing with HMRC after someone dies
Inheritance Tax interest calculator Calculate how much interest is due on a payment of Inheritance Tax
Inheritance Tax additional threshold calculator Calculate the additional threshold, otherwise known as the residence nil-rate band (RNRB), if a home is left to direct descendants
Inheritance Tax reduced rate calculator See if you qualify to pay a reduced rate of Inheritance Tax
Inheritance Tax: grossing up calculators Work out an estate value when legacies in a will are free of tax and other assets are tax exempt
Inheritance Tax: guaranteed annuity calculator Work out an estimated market value of guaranteed annuity payments when valuing assets of the deceased’s estate
Inheritance Tax: quarters calculator for trusts Work out the number of quarters (3-month periods) when Inheritance Tax is charged on a trust for certain chargeable events

Import and export

Tool What it does
System for the Exchange of Excise Data (SEED) Check whether your SEED Excise ID is valid
UK Trade Tariff tool Classify your goods for import or export using the UK Trade Tariff, based on the EU TARIC (Tariff Integre Communautaire)
UK Integrated Tariff All 3 volumes of the Tariff, which sets out the duties and measures that affect imports, exports and goods in transit


Tool What it does
Tax pool calculator Work out a discretionary trust’s available tax pool

IR35: working through an intermediary

Tool What it does
Deemed payment spreadsheet Help you calculate a deemed employment payment

Gambling duties

Tool What it does
Machine Games Duty registered business Search business by postcode

Certificates of tax deposit

Tool What it does
Certificate of Tax Deposit interest calculator Check the level of interest due against a tax deposit you have already made under the Certificate of Tax Deposit scheme