Family Search

We have access to the most up to date records and databases including:
• Birth, marriage and death records
• Electoral rolls and people finding databases
• Census returns
• Wills and probate records
• Emigration and immigration records
• Overseas bankruptcy records and social security records
• Military records

Our ethical and fair-minded approach ensures your client and beneficiaries to the estate receive 100% of their entitlement. We never charge excessive percentage fees taken out of each beneficiary’s entitlement, thus we can maximise the value of the estate for your client. We take a fair-minded and flexible approach to fees based on pre-agreed budgets.

Tracing beneficiaries
We can help find missing beneficiaries named in a will or recreate the family tree of an intestate estate.

Family Tree Verification
We can verify or provide a professional opinion on family trees supplied by your client before distribution to reduce the risk of unknown heirs coming forward after distribution.

Distribution Schedules
We can calculate the entitlement of each family member under intestacy and provide this to you in a Distribution Schedule making it simpler and easier to distribute the estate.

Overseas Bankruptcy Search
Title Research can quickly turnaround bankruptcy searches for overseas beneficiaries in most major countries around the world. We recommend this is undertaken for the date of death of the Deceased and just prior to distribution. This will ensure all claims from Trustees in bankruptcy are fully identified.